Driver asks his Mercedes what it thinks of BMW – the car’s answer is savage

The Mercedes-Benz vs BMW rivalry is right up there with Messi vs Ronaldo. And the two carmakers have no intention of changing that. 

by | Published on 26th Jun 2023

The Mercedes-Benz vs BMW rivalry is right up there with Messi vs Ronaldo. 

And the two luxury carmakers have no intention of changing that. 

This Mercedes has just delivered a savage response when asked what it thinks of BMW.

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In a now-viral video taken by Dieter Pey, he asks “Hey Mercedes, what do you think of BMW?” 

After a bit of a pause, the car answers, saying “The same as you do. Otherwise, we would not be sitting here”. 

The clever AI in the car continues a long rivalry between the two luxury car makers. 

You can watch it here!

When Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche resigned, BMW released a cheeky ad that disproved the rumor that Germans have no sense of humor.

In the ad, we see the former Mercedes boss walking out the door after his last day on the job. 

With sad music setting the scene, we see Zetsche wave goodbye to his co-workers and get dropped home in a Mercedes. 

It’s all very sad, until the last couple of seconds when we see him jump into a BMW i8 Roadster that was hidden away in his garage and race it out of his driveway with a big smile on his face. 

The words “free at last” pop up, indicating the former Mercedes boss was longing for the moment he could get behind the wheel of a BMW.

Watch it here!

It finished pretty respectfully, thanking Zetsche “for so many years of inspiring competition”. 

Viewers praised BMW for its hilarious, yet respectful jab at Mercedes.

“Whoever in BMW came up with this idea – give them a medal!” one man said. 

“I love how despite the rivalry these companies always respect each other,” another said.

While both brands saw a decline in their deliveries across 2022, BMW currently wears the crown. 

BMW sold 2,100, 692 units globally last year, while Mercedes fell short by a hair, reporting the sale of 2,043,900 units. 



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