Quiz: how much do you know about Mercedes-Maybach?

From Birdman's seemingly unhealthy obsession with the brand to the iconic limousines from the early 2000s, test your knowledge with our Maybach quiz.

by | Published on 17th Feb 2023

Did you know Birdman actually owns a one-off Maybach concept car?

And did you know that Maybach has been part of the Mercedes family since the 1960s?

From the brand-new Mercedes-Maybach GLS to the iconic 62 limousine, put your knowledge to the test with our quiz about the Maybach brand.

#1. The Maybach brand is...

All answers are correct.

The brand was founded by Wilhelm Maybach in 1909, several decades before Lambo and Ferrari.

The Maybach brand has been part of the Mercedes group since 1960.

#2. Who owns the only Maybach Exelero in existence?

The Exelero is a one-off concept car built by Maybach in 2005.

Birdman, a New Orleans rapper, purchased the car in 2011 for about $8 million.

#3. Who did Maybach team up with for this crazy concept?

This unique one-off was created in 2021 in partnership with the late American designer Virgil Abloh.

#4. What is the Maybach 62 named after?

Launched in 2002, the Maybach 62 was almost exactly 6.2 meters long, hence the name.

There was also a slightly ‘smaller’ version, the Maybach 57.

And yep, that one was 5.7 meters.

#5. Which of these Mercedes models has NOT been used as a base for a Maybach?

A Mercedes-Maybach GLS, a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, and a Mercedes-Maybach G-Wagen all exist.

But Mercedes has never made a Maybach version of the SL.

#6. How many 62 Landaulet did Maybach build?

Based on the 62S, the Landaulet was introduced in 2008.

Only eight units were built, one of which was purchased by rapper Birdman, who also owns the only Maybach Exelero in the world.

#7. What sort of engine does the 'Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6' use?

Unveiled at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours, the Vision 6 is powered by four electric motors for a combined power output of 738 hp.



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If you had a dollar for every question you answered correctly, you’d never be able to afford a Maybach. Sorry.

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