Mercedes-Maybach goes electric with the brand’s first-ever plug-in hybrid

The new Mercedes-Maybach S 580 e is here with an array of premium trim options and an ultra-powerful plug-in hybrid V6.

by | Published on 14th Feb 2023

The new Mercedes-Maybach S 580 e marks the start of a new era for the brand.

It is in fact the first plug-in hybrid Mercedes-Maybach ever created, and it heralds the arrival of a fully-electric model in the near future.

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The plug-in hybrid Maybach S 580 has a smaller engine and is quieter than its gas-powered brother.

Mind you, this is no slouch as it combines a six-cylinder engine with a small electric motor.

It still delivers the same mind-blowing performance figures courtesy of a highly-efficient 510-hp engine.


More to the point, it can now be driven in fully-electric mode for up to 62 miles.

This means you can rely entirely on the car’s electric motor for short trips, without ever using the six-cylinder unit.

From the outside, nothing much has changed.

You still get an incredibly long list of paint options, including two-tone, and the iconic Maybach ‘dish’ wheels.

Inside the cabin you’ll find plenty of room for all four occupants and the latest tech and luxury gizmos.

From the rear-cabin refrigerator with champagne flutes to automatic doors, the Maybach has it.

In terms of material, you’ve got five Nappa leather options for the upholstery and six types of wood for the dashboard.

Mercedes-Maybach S 580 e pricing and availability

The new plug-in hybrid Maybach will release in China and Thailand in the spring of 2023, and then in the US and Europe in the summer.

Mercedes hasn’t revealed a price point for the new car but we expect an MSRP of around $200,000.

This is because the new model will likely be cheaper than its V12 brother but still more expensive than the mild hybrid V8 option.

For reference, the twin-turbo V12 S 680 starts at $229,000, meanwhile the mild hybrid S 580 starts at $184,900.



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