Transformed Mercedes van is like a private jet for the road

German tuner Klassen turned this Mercedes van into a private jet for the road and the details are mind-blowing: it even has a bathroom.

by | Published on 8th May 2023

German tuner Klassen has converted a Mercedes van into a private jet for the road.

You’ve got quilted leather upholstery, drink cabinets, a giant TV screen, and even a bathroom – the whole nine yards.

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The Mercedes Sprinter van the company used as a base for this vehicle is quite large, so there’s a lot of room inside.

However, rather than cramming six or seven seats in the van, Klassen decided to fit four individual seats to maximize comfort.

There are two rear-facing seats, while the other two are facing forward.

Just like private jets, it also has window blinds and adjustable dim lights.

All four seats have access to a foldable table, a coffee machine and drink cabinets located in the side pockets, and all four can be heated or cooled on demand.

And yep, that’s right, all four are massage seats.

If we had to nitpick, we’d say the forward-facing seats are the best seats because A, you can watch TV from there and B, they have more direct access to the corridor.

This actually brings us on to the next item on the menu.

Unlike other luxury vans, the Klassen Sprinter has a proper jet-style aisle, on either side of which you’ll find tables, a locker for your luggage, a fridge and cupboards.

The van even has a bathroom with a toilet and a sink, and since this is a van, not an actual jet, you can use it whenever you want.

You don’t have to wait for ‘the seat belt sign to be switched off’ or the captain to give you permission.

Pretty neat, right?

Klassen says every van is basically a one-off and takes roughly two or three months to build.

The company will only reveal the price upon request but make no mistake, the van doesn’t come cheap.

Pricing for a Mercedes Sprinter starts at $43,000 but you probably need to add an extra zero for the Klassen treatment.



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