Watch these guys try to power up a fighter jet for the first time in 12 years

This MiG-15 fighter jet has been tucked away, abandoned in a hangar in Memphis for 12 years. Now one man is attempting to power it up again.

by | Published on 10th Mar 2023

Starting up a MiG-15 fighter jet isn’t a quick or easy job.

For starters, there are strict pre-start procedures to follow before the plane can be hooked up to power and the jet engines started.

And it’s even harder when the fighter jet has been sitting abandoned in a hangar for 12 years.

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We get to see what it’s like attempting to start up a MiG-15 fighter yet thanks to a video posted on YouTube by Jimmy’s World.

He’s the same guy who also tried to power up Elvis Presley’s private jet for the first time in 40 years.

A friend of Jimmy’s told him about the MiG-15 fighter jet that was for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

With zero knowledge of how to fly a fighter jet, Jimmy hopped onboard a flight to Memphis to go check out the MiG-15.

Tucked away in the back of the hangar, Jimmy persuaded the owners to let him try to power it up after 12 years.

Before that could happen, they had to open it up and check what kind of condition it was in.

The jet’s gear, flaps, and intake all had to be checked, as did its oil level.

They also had to make the obligatory check for mice, and thankfully there were none, only a few harmless spiders.

After towing the MiG-15 fighter jet out of the hangar, it was then hooked up to a ground power unit.

With the master, AFT pump, and boost pump switches all activated, the air brake was then applied.

This is when the jet engine started to come to life.

In all the excitement, Jimmy forgot that his GoPro camera was hooked up to the back of the fighter jet, just above the exhaust.

Thankfully, the GoPro survived and we’ve got the footage to enjoy.

Will the MiG-15 fighter jet fly again?

That’s the question Jimmy asked the owner.

The answer was yes, but it needs some sheet metal repairs, and would then need to go through an FIA-approved 100-hour or 12-month maintenance program.

Jimmy, if you’re reading this, we’d love to see a video of it in flight.



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