Young miners dig up gold nugget that could be worth millions

Published on Sep 25, 2023 at 3:06 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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Young miners dig up gold nugget that could be worth millions

A group of miners in Southern Ghana has just dug up what is believed to be the biggest gold nugget ever discovered in the country.

In now viral video footage, a group of about six young men can be seen trying to push the nugget up the mining pit.

The finding is yet to be confirmed by authorities, but if it is what it appears to be, it’s without a doubt in the running for some kind of record.

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The group of men, some of whom look to be in their teens, appear absolutely stoked with their find.

The footage shows them posing with the nugget with huge grins on their faces.

And while the majority of viewers are over-the-moon for them, others have expressed serious concern.

Local media is calling the group ‘unlicensed’ and ‘illegal’ miners, suggesting they might not have had a license to dig for the gold in the first place.

This is a big deal in Ghana.

Local government has launched several initiatives to stop people from mining without the proper licenses, an act known locally as ‘galamsey’.

While some have been arrested for it, others have reportedly lost their lives after becoming trapped in mining pits.

With this in mind, viewers have been questioning why the men ever allowed the footage to be posted online.

“This will be taken from them,” one said.

“Some stuff we’ve got to keep to ourselves,” another said.

“Man I wouldn’t have put this on the internet,” said a third.

Others were more interested in the worth of the supposed gold finding.

You can watch the footage here!


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Authorities are yet to confirm the finding or value it, but nuggets this big can fetch over a million dollars.

The largest gold nugget to date was discovered in Australia in 1869 and it weighed 72kg (156 pounds).  

Dubbed the ‘Welcome Stranger’, the nugget was sold by the two men who discovered it for about $10,000 each.

If a nugget of its size was found today, experts estimate it would be worth around $2 million.  

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