Swatch unveils upgraded MoonSwatch but people aren’t impressed

The new MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine is here so is it a 007-themed Swatch or is it a new colorway? Neither: it has just a gold-coated hand.

by | Published on 7th Mar 2023

An upgraded version of Swatch’s ultra-hyped MoonSwatch has dropped and people aren’t impressed.

It’s called Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine and it’s basically the same as the original Mission to the Moon model.

Except this one comes with a gold-coated seconds hand.

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Swatch certainly hit the jackpot with the MoonSwatch.

It’s essentially a bioceramic (ie, ceramic-reinforced plastic) Swatch with the Omega brand on it.

And it looks like the Omega Speedmaster, the original Moon watch, because Swatch owns Omega.

There are eleven models, one for each planet in the Solar System plus the Moon and the Sun.

The hype has never died down.

To this date, one year later, it is still difficult to find the timepiece at retail price and people are still flipping it online.

With the new MoonSwatch, Swatch is feeding the hype with a unique timepiece that you can literally only buy the day it drops, on March 7.

And it can only be acquired in four cities across the globe: Zurich, Tokyo, Milan and London.

Why these four cities? Because these four cities are tied to the stock exchange and gold trading.

Why March 7? Because the next full moon is on March 7, 12:40 PM GMT time.

Clever marketing for sure, but people aren’t too happy.

When Swatch posted a teaser image to its Instagram account, users immediately got fiery in the comments.

An Instagram user wrote a comment: “Put your stuff online. You’re not Rolex.”

Another commented: “Absolutely useless releasing a new model when you still can’t get a standard one!”

“Totally pointless,” yet another user wrote.

Elsewhere, the WatchMuse Tweeted some info about the watch, including the price, and simply added: “It’ll be a collectible, but I’m a bit disappointed”.

On the subject of price, the new MoonSwatch will be priced at CHF275 – around $300 at today’s rate.

But that’s in theory, in practice, it’ll sell out in minutes and you’ll probably be able to find brand-new examples on eBay for $1,000 or more tonight.

That’s exactly what happened with the original MoonSwatch.



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