Exploring Motley Crue’s abandoned jet for first time in years as it goes on sale for affordable price

You can still see a faint outline of the black flame decals on the sides.

Published on Oct 5, 2023 at 5:44PM (UTC+4)

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Mötley Crues abandoned private jet is up for sale with extremely affordable price tag
Bjornsphoto / Wikimedia Commons - bomberpilot / Wikimedia Commons

Now anyone can own an epic piece of rock ‘n roll history: Mötley Crue’s private jet.

The Learjet 35 is a model that was launched in 1973 and used primarily by businessmen and the military.

And by one of the most notorious rock bands of all time.

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When Mötley Crue were at the height of their popularity they were flying all over the world for shows.

Vince Neil, the lead singer, invested in a private jet to travel in comfort and ensure that his dogs could fly with him.

When not fronting the controversial rock band, Neil was quite the entrepreneur.

The singer launched a tequila brand, owned a football team, and opened a tattoo parlor.

One of his less successful ventures was Vince Neil Aviation.

He used to hire his fleet of jets out for some extra cash.

“When I’m not using them for work, other people can fly them for the rock and roll experience,” he said.

Now his 1985 Learjet 35 is on sale for a surprisingly low price.

Jimmy Webb, who runs the YouTube channel Jimmy’s World, recently got to see the jet up close.

Mötley Crue's abandoned private jet is up for sale with extremely affordable price tag
Jimmy’s World / YouTube

According to Webb, one of these usually sells for around $1 million.

The tail number is N21VN, which stands for ‘November 21st, Vince Neil’.

This jet has a top speed of 519mph and burns around 197 gallons of fuel per hour.

In theory.

Webb speculates that this plane is unlikely to ever fly again unless it undergoes a serious overhaul.

Right now, the jet is on sale for $64,500.

One of the reasons it’s so cheap is because the engine and log books are missing.

“All the value is in those engines,” Webb says.

To rebuild the engines would cost at least $200,000.

And to get the jet up-to-date with all its inspections would be a further $100,000.

While it’s unclear how the jet came to be sitting unused, Webb thinks it’s because the original engines violated noise regulation laws.

Luckily giant mufflers can be bought to quieten the engines down.

But it’ll cost you another $800,000.

So while this jet seems like a steal at first, the buyer will need to spend a huge chunk of change getting it air-worthy.

Ideal for either a Mötley Crue superfan or a very ambitious mechanic.

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