MrBeast builds 100 wells across Africa to provide clean drinking water

It's drawn a complex response online.
  • MrBeast has built 100 wells across Africa to provide clean drinking water
  • He’s also donating a variety of supplies to Kenyan schools
  • The American YouTuber has even donated bikes to a village to help children get to school

Published on Nov 10, 2023 at 2:40PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 13, 2023 at 1:55PM (UTC+4)

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MrBeast built 100 wells across Africa to provide clean drinking water

In his latest video, MrBeast says he built 100 wells across Africa.

It seems like an overly generous thing for the world’s biggest YouTuber to do.

But his generosity has drawn a complex response since the video was published last weekend.


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As well as pulling crazy stunts like crushing a $200,000 Lamborghini Gallardo in a hydraulic press machine, the YouTuber also posts videos of a generous nature, like giving away a $20 million private island.

But it’s his latest act of generosity that’s really sparked debate.

For starters, some Kenyan activists and journalists are claiming his actions spotlight the failures of the Kenyan government.

And because of this, MrBeast anticipates that he’ll be “canceled” following the reaction.

The 100 new wells that have been built will provide clean drinking water for up to 500,000 people in countries including Cameroon, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Apparently, an accompanying fundraiser to support local water aid organizations had raised more than $300,000 by Monday morning, too.

MrBeast was filmed donating supplies to Kenyan schools, including new furniture, soccer balls, computers, whiteboards, and projectors in the 10-minute video.

What’s more, MrBeast is behind the construction of a bridge across a river to safely connect a village with the local schools and hospital.

He even donated bikes to a village to help children get to school.

So, what’s people’s issue with MrBeast?

Well, it’s not with the YouTuber himself, but more the actions of the Kenyan government.

“We are a shameful, horrible country… a begging nation governed by millionaires,” prominent activist Boniface Mwangi said on X.

“Every five years we give newly elected members of parliament, and senators a Sh5 million grant ($33,000), fuel those cars every month but now we have no money to drill boreholes for our people?”

Freelance journalist Ferdinand Omondi similarly praised MrBeast’s efforts.

“It’s embarrassing that a YouTuber jetted into Kenya on a charity tour to perform tasks our taxes should have completed ages ago,” he said.

Despite anticipating he would received a backlash, MrBeast took to X to say he “knows I’m gonna get canceled because I uploaded a video helping people, and to be 100% clear, I don’t care.”

Good on him.

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