Sin City just launched its new $2.3 billion MSG Sphere

The MSG Sphere is now displaying a bunch of crazy images, some wholesome and some, well, pretty creepy to be honest. 

by | Published on 6th Jul 2023

Sin City has just launched its latest flex, a $2.3 billion arena in the shape of a sphere. 

Called the MSG Sphere, it’s an absolutely massive 580,000-square-foot structure.

The Sphere lit up for the first time overnight to celebrate the 4th of July and people are unsurprisingly going crazy over it.

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Heaps of people have since posted POV videos to Twitter and they’re absolutely wild.

While the sphere was turned on to mark Independence Day, it won’t officially debut for another few months. 

As a part of last night’s special event, the MSG Sphere displayed a bunch of crazy images, some wholesome and some, well, pretty creepy to be honest. 

Among them was the American flag, a basketball, a picture of Earth, a Halloween pumpkin, and most bizarrely, a huge eyeball. 

And if you feel like the eyeball was looking into your soul, you’re not alone because the sphere has the highest-resolution LED screen in the world. 

So, what’s the purpose of this massive blinking eyeball overlooking the strip? 

The MSG Sphere is actually an arena that will host live music and sporting events like boxing and mixed martial arts. 

So, not only will concertgoers see the performance live, but they’ll also see augmented animations on the 16K LED screen. 

The arena doesn’t just have a super high-quality screen, it also has the most advanced concert audio system in the world, with more than 160,000 speakers. 

And to enhance the overall experience, it also creates atmospheric elements like wind, vibrating seats, and even scents. 

The MSG Sphere will officially debut on September 29 with a U2 concert. 

And U2’s Bono is pretty stoked about it too. 

“Most music venues are sports venues. They’re built for sports, they’re not built for music,” he told Apple Music. 

“This building was built for immersive experiences in cinema and performance.” 



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