Mustang with wildly modded wheels splits opinion on social media

There's only ever going to be one outcome when you add 30-inch rims to your Mustang – you're going to get ridiculed, although the owner's won a few fans online.

by | Published on 9th Aug 2023

Most people mod their Mustang to squeeze out an extra few horses.

Not this owner, though.

They’ve modified their ‘Stang with some monster-sized wheels and it’s whipped up a frenzy on social media.

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Now, to be fair, the internet is no stranger to absurd wheel combinations on cars and trucks, but there are some that set the bar even higher than normal.

What looks like the result of too much free time and some ingenuity, ‘Coalrolllin’ has created a monster.

Quite literally.

The Florida native is no stranger to doing outlandish things to cars.

His YouTube channel hosts several videos of his builds, but what he’s done here takes the biscuit.

He’s added a set of 30–inch rims to his ‘Stang, effectively turning the muscle car into a monster truck.

Now, folk should be able to modify their cars however they please without ridicule.

But when you add an insanely-big set of rims to a Mustang, you’re asking for trouble.

Coalrolllin has triggered a fair few people with his social media posts, and their reactions are priceless.

“Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. What a waste of money” one user commented.

“Someone didn’t get a remote control car as a kid,” another posted.

“People will do anything with enough money,” said another.

But not everyone has been hating on the ‘Stang.

In fact, a few people have shown their support for the build – in a roundabout way.

“Bro those tires are farther apart than the only two neurons in your cranium that ford together to come up with that Frankenstein machine. Love that it makes people uset so 10/10,” one user commented.

“If I had the money I’d do that too,” another posted.

“That’s actually superfly I don’t care what y’all say,” said another.



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