Meet the U-Boat Nemo – the supercar of submarines

Published on Sep 10, 2022 at 12:01 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Meet the U-Boat Nemo – the supercar of submarines

This is the U-Boat Nemo II submersible, and it’s the supercar of submarines.

It’s built for private, under-the-sea voyages and is arguably the world’s coolest billionaire toy.

It’s jampacked with insane technology, including a panic button and a little external arm that’s controlled with a joystick.

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The Nemo can travel at speeds of up to 3 knots.

It may not sound like much but it can dive 100 meters (330 ft) below the water’s surface.


It is relatively small and compact, measuring 280 cm / 110 in length, but thanks to its width (92 in / 231 cm), it can easily accommodate the ‘driver’ and a passenger in full comfort.

Image: Supercar Blondie

The cockpit is protected by an ultra-thick (five-centimeter) windshield made of acrylic.

You can even spec it with a little arm that you can control with a joystick and use to catch things, as well as a front-mounted sonar to navigate underwater.

The submersible Nemo submarine is fully electric, and it is powered by two jets on each side, for vertical and horizontal propulsion.

You also have a ‘panic button’ for safety reasons.

You push it, and it fills a little tank at the back with oxygen so that the submersible floats to the surface automatically.

Once aboard, you’ll find a dashboard in front of you with a compass and all the info you need.

And you also have speakers to play your tunes.

Obviously, this being a billionaire’s toy, you can customize it with different colors for the exterior and the interior.

And the price?

The cheapest Nemo submarine you can buy will set you back $545,000.

And for an additional cost, you can add extras and customize it how you like.

It might be expensive, but it’s also the coolest big kids’ toy imaginable.

We’ve actually had the chance to take it for a ’spin’, check out the video here.

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