Netflix is launching Stranger Things NFTs and they’re cheaper than you think

Good news if you love Stranger Things!

by | Published on 13th Jul 2022

Netflix is officially creating a series of Stranger Things NFTs.

The first collection goes live tomorrow (July 14) at netflix.candy.com.

The first release will feature Eleven, Dustin and Max but all 17 characters from Season Four will eventually be available.

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The series will consist of 11,111 Stranger Things NFTs in total.

However there will be just 223 NFTs minted of the main character, Eleven.


NFTs are all the rage at the moment, with every celebrity, global company and major brand jumping on the trend.

Stranger Things has a huge cult following and fans absolutely adore it, so this could definitely prove to be a good move by Netflix.

And there’s more good news because while most tokens tend to be outrageously expensive, these will be relatively affordable.

Both companies wanted to make these NFTs available to a wider audience and that’s why they’ve opted to use the lesser known Palm network, an Ethereum-based blockchain with lower fees.

The first drop includes collectibles priced at just $11 for an individual mystery box, and $275 for something called the ‘Hell Fire Club Bundle’ with all 17 characters.

You can register for the Stranger Things Upside Down series here.

About Stranger Things

A Netflix original, the first season premiered on July 15, 2016 and it was a huge hit.

Fans loved it, and critics liked it too.

That’s kind of a rare combo in the cinematic world.

Set in the 1980s, the drama/horror show follows a group of kids as supernatural events happen around them in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.

It stars an incredible cast including Winona Ryder (Girl Interrupted, Alien Resurrection, Zoolander) and David Harbour (007 Quantum of Solace, The Equalizer, Suicide Squad).

The first seven episodes of the fourth season were released on May 27, while the remaining two episodes were released on July 1.

The show has also been renewed for a fifth and final season in February this year.



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