Elon Musk’s brain chip company gets approval to test on humans

Up until now, Neuralink has been testing its chips in monkeys. 

by | Published on 26th May 2023

Elon Musk has just been given FDA approval to implant a computer chip inside a human’s brain. 

The billionaire’s brain-computer interface company, Neuralink, just announced it has just been granted approval to launch its first-in-human study. 

In true Musk fashion, he wants to do big things with the implant.

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With the microchip, Musk wants to treat various conditions, including restoring vision in the blind, and mobility in people with paralysis. 

“We want to surpass able-bodied human performance with our technology,” the company said. 

Up until now, Neuralink has been testing its chips in monkeys. 

The company regularly shares updates about its tests on Twitter, including the welfare of the monkeys. 

Neuralink announced the FDA approval on Twitter today. 

“We are excited to share that we have received the FDA’s approval to launch our first-in-human clinical study,” they said. 

The company said it represented “an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many people.” 

Neuralink said it would reveal more information about the study soon. 

It also said it would soon release recruitment information for anyone who might want to take part in the trial. 

Musk himself said he would get the chip implanted in his own head, but didn’t specify when. 

It’s unlikely he’ll be the first human to test it, but who knows?

Neuralink won’t actually be the first company to insert a computer into the brain. 

It follows in the footsteps of Synchron, which was given FDA approval to begin in-human trials back in 2021. 

And in July last year, the company confirmed it had successfully implanted chips in humans.

In fact, Synchron revealed it inserted a computer chip into four people’s heads last year in Australia. 



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