People think they’ve spotted a new feature on the Tesla Cybertruck

People have spotted what they believe to be a new feature of the Tesla Cybertruck after a picture of the first production vehicle was posted online.

by | Published on 20th Jul 2023

After a four-year wait, the first Tesla Cybertruck has rolled off the production line.

And even though it’s finally here, people are still hypothesizing about it. 

The latest thing people are saying on social media? There’s a brand new, hidden feature.

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An image of the first production Tesla Cybertruck surfaced online a few days ago.

And eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the SUV in the picture doesn’t look like it has a driver’s door.

They’ve come up with the idea that the Cybertruck must have bolt-on removable door panels.

Basically, like a Jeep.

In case you’re not familiar with the iconic Jeep Wrangler, it has the option to remove the doors and the roof.

Doing this lowers the weight of the vehicle and in turn offers a slight improvement to its gas mileage.

As well as offering a much more immersive driving experience, it looks incredibly cool, too.

In a recent picture of a prototype Tesla Cybertruck, there were also several noticeable changes from the first prototype.

They were a stubbier nose, lowrered suspension, wing mirrors, an extra fold in the bottom of the door, and smaller rocker panels. 

No bolt-on removable door panels, though.

When the photo of the first production truck was released, people also commented on the Cybertruck’s panel alignment.

If you look closely – very, very closely – you can just about see that the panels don’t align properly on the top of the passengerside door.

This isn’t the first time people have noticed poor panel alignment on the Tesla Cybertruck.

Over the past few years, multiple pictures and videos have surfaced showing misaligned panels all over the vehicle.

One can only hope that, if you’re dropping $70,000 on a new Tesla Cybertruck, the panels are aligned with one another.



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