New footage shows the most detailed look yet at the Cybertruck’s stunning interior

It's been a long time coming but finally there's some decent footage of the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck. Will the production version look like this though?

by | Published on 15th Aug 2023

Other than a handful of leaked images, we’ve seen very little of the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Even then, you’ve got to take what you see with a pinch of salt, as Tesla likes to make changes.

But a video popped up on Twitter recently providing the best look yet at the EV pickup’s interior – and it’s stunning.

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Now, before we get into talking about the footage, first we must address the changes to the Tesla Cybertruck.

To be frank, a lot has changed about the Cybertruck since it was officially unveiled in 2019.

Most notably, the size of the initial build that made it on stage in California, as well as the various configurations that were once planned to be offered.

Another thing that’s been changed drastically is the interior, which appears to have been overhauled since its early designs.

A press image Tesla released around the time of the Cybertruck’s unveiling showed a ‘Yoke’ steering wheel, three front-row seats, and a marble dash made from recycled paper materials.

But when leaked images surfaced a few months ago, it became clear Tesla’s plans had changed.

Instead of a Yoke steering wheel similar to that found in the Model S or Model X Plaid, it adopted a hybrid of the two, with an enclosed top portion.

The three-seat front row, with the middle seat being a fold-down, was a noticeable omission.

The marble dash was different to before, too, appearing to have been scaled back considerably.

But has Tesla backtracked on its designs? The latest video footage would suggest so.

Just like in the original press image, the Cybertruck’s got a proper Yoke steering wheel.

It’s also got a three-seat front row with that handy-looking middle seat that folds down.

It’s hard to say for certain, but the white dash could well be made of recycled paper materials, too, although it doesn’t resemble marble.

It’d be easy to get carried away with how good the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck looks.

But there’s a chance the Cybertruck in the new footage is actually an old prototype.

That’s what the person who posted the video is claiming anyway.



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