Elon Musk’s trolling of Ford ramps up with new photos of the Cybertruck 

'Masterclass trolling'. The Tesla vs Ford rivalry is officially ramping up.

by | Published on 28th Jul 2023

New photos have emerged of the Tesla Cybertruck in a hilarious F-150 vinyl wrap designed to troll Ford. 

Images of the Tesla Cybertruck wearing the disguise were leaked online earlier this week, in an apparent swipe at Ford’s flagship F-150

So why did Elon Musk decide to wrap the electric pickup truck to look like a competitor? Well, there’s a lot to unpack here.

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The Ford F-150-wearing Cybertruck was just spotted by Greggertruck and posted to Twitter (X) where people called it “masterclass trolling”. 

“Perhaps one of the best trolling tactics since the word trolling was a thing,” one guy said. 

“Bravo to Tesla and Elon Musk. Elon, we know you were behind this.”

It comes after the CEO of Ford took a dig at Elon Musk, saying the Cybertruck was for “Silicon Valley people” not “for real people who do real work”.

Jim Farley said he wasn’t threatened by the Tesla truck and didn’t expect it to have even the slightest impact on Ford F-150 sales. 

Farley described the Tesla Cybertruck as more of a “cool high-end product parked in front of a hotel”. 

“I don’t make trucks like that… I make trucks for real people who do real work, and that’s a different kind of truck,” he said

That wasn’t the beginning of this rivalry, Musk and Farley have been throwing shade at each other for a while now. 

Remember the video Elon Musk orchestrated showing the Cybertruck in a tug-of-war with the Ford F-150? 

In the video, the Cybertruck appears to have no trouble pulling the F-150 up a hill in a show of power. 

But we’re not sure Musk got the reaction he wanted.

Instead of praising the Cybertruck for its performance, viewers took a shot at the video, describing it as “not a valid test”. 

“All-wheel-drive verse two-wheel-drive. Uphill vs downhill. Big meaty tires with higher friction coefficient vs skinny stock tires,” one viewer said. 

You showed literally zero difference in the vehicles’ performance.” 



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