You can now buy the tallest penthouse in New York City for a cool $250 million

Published on Sep 20, 2022 at 5:14 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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You can now buy the tallest penthouse in New York City for a cool $250 million

The tallest penthouse in New York City just hit the market.

There’s just one catch; it costs $250 million.

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The penthouse, which is located in Central Park Tower, is also completely new as it was finished just this year.

And for a price of $15,000 per square foot, you’ll automatically be included in the prestigious ‘nine-figure club’.


The New York City penthouse is located 1,550 feet above the ground.

It will give you access to seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, 30-foot high ceilings, and an outstanding winding staircase connecting all three floors.

And it’s been given beautiful, modern finishes – just look at this staircase.

In addition to the 360 degree view of Manhattan, you’ll have your own private bar, your own private theater and an amazing living room that’s larger than most people’s homes.

There are 23 rooms in total, and that’s including the highest ballroom in the world.

And yeah, you also have the highest private terrace on the planet.

As the owner of this mind-blowing penthouse, you will also gain access to all the shared amenities you expect from a top-notch New York City location.

There’s a cinema, as in a proper one that you share with all the other 9-figure owners, and an outdoor pool.

There is also an outdoor deck and a communal garden and lounge area.

And last but not least, you’ve got an amazing private club on the 100th floor.

Aptly called the ‘The One Above All Else’, the penthouse is available from Serhart for $250m.

Does it sound like a lot? Well, there’s more.

You’ll also need to pay around $27,000 in common charges as well as $47k in monthly taxes.

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