History is made as the first Native American woman is launched into space

She was blasted off in the SpaceX Falcon rocket bound for the International Space Station.

by | Published on 6th Oct 2022

Nicole Mann has become the first Native American woman in space. 

Marine Colonel Nicole Mann was one of four astronauts who were launched into space from Florida on Wednesday. 

They were blasted off in the SpaceX Falcon rocket bound for the International Space Station, where they will be stationed for six months.

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Colonel Mann, 45, joins America’s John Cassada, Japan’s Koichi Wakta and Russia’s Anna Kikina on board the rocket. 

The crew, known as Crew 5, will bring the number of people living on the International Space Station (ISS) to 14.


They will spend six months on the ISS carrying out a bunch of scientific investigations including working to 3D print human cells. 

Colonel Mann said she was extremely proud to be the first Native American woman in space.

She said she hoped to “inspire young Native American children to follow their dreams and realize that some of those barriers that are there or used to be there are being broken down”. 

“Anytime we are able to do something that is a first, or wasn’t done in the past, it’s so important,” she told the BBC

The Crew 5 commander will be the first Native American in space since John Herrington became the first Native American man back in 2002.

Col Mann, who is a registered member of the Wailacki of the Round Valley Indian Tribes, took to Twitter on Tuesday to post a photo of her crew in their space suits. 

“Looking forward to launch tomorrow. Let’s do this!” she said. 

As well as an astronaut, Col Mann is also a US Marine Corps pilot. 

During her service she has flown a variety of aircraft including a T 38 jet. 

She is also a decorated Marine, having been awarded six medals during her service. 



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