Sneaker store will only let you buy the new Nike Dunk if you pull off crazy stunt

Waiting in line outside the store and having money isn't enough.

by | Published on 4th Sep 2023

A skate shop in Hawaii is requiring customers to complete some crazy stunts in order to buy a rare iteration of the Nike Dunk sneakers.

They’re asking customers to do two things to ‘qualify’ for the purchase, and one of them is far from easy.

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The sought-after Nike Dunk in question was created in partnership with Yuto Horigome, a famous Japanese skateboarder.

For that reason, in order to buy the shoes, the skate shop is asking customers to do a skateboarding trick on the spot.

“To purchase a pair from us you will be required to first land a kickfip on your own skateboard with the shoes you show up here wearing,” a statement from the shop’s website reads.

For reference, a kickflip is a skateboarding trick in which the rider flips the skateboard 360 degrees.

And that’s not the end of the story.

If you buy the shoes, you’re required to put them on in front of the store and walk a few steps.

In other words, you have to be ready to scuff them up a little bit to prove you’re not going to sell them straight away.

“Be prepared to wear them out of our shop after your purchase”, the statement further explained.

It may sound a bit extreme but this is just one component of the coordinated attempt from retailers and companies to clamp down on resellers.

The sneaker market has gone totally mad in recent years, and people regularly buy sneakers to sell for a profit.

Major brands have been filing lawsuits left and right to combat reselling and small businesses are doing something about it as well.

Put simply, the skate shop in question just wants to make sure the buyer is actually going to wear the Yuto Horigome Nike Dunk, not just buy them to resell them the next day.



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