Nissan turns the 370Z roadster into a snowmobile with massive tracks

What makes this Nissan 370Zki snowmobile even more special is it is actually made by the company itself, not some crazy mechanic in his garage.

by | Published on 9th Mar 2023

Nissan has turned the 370Z, an open-top sports car, into a snowmobile on massive tracks and it just works.

The bad news is the ‘Nissan 370Zki’, this is what they call it, is just a one-off.

We’d love to see a production version, but we’re not about making unrealistic wishes.

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The best part about the 370Zki is that it was made and designed by the company itself.

It’s always refreshing to see a big brand like Nissan do something crazy, just for fun.

Nissan 370Zki build

They started by removing the tires and fitting a custom kit, lifting the vehicle three inches.

After that, Nissan manufactured custom mountings for the rear suspension from scratch, as well as custom spacers for the tracks.

Then came the ‘easy’ part: the tracks.

Nissan doesn’t make tracks so the automaker teamed up with American Track Truck to fit new Dominator tracks.

For the record, if you buy a snowmobile in North America, there’s a good chance it runs on tracks made by American Track Truck.

The engine is standard, which is means the Zki is powered by the same 332-horsepower V6 as the factory model.

Amazingly, despite the off-road modifications, the car is still rear-wheel drive only.

What makes this build is even more special is Nissan based it on the roadster version of the 370Z.

Why? Probably because they thought it’d be even more fun.

The snowmobile looks brilliant, and it’s definitely right at home hitting the slopes.

So next, might we suggest a Nissan 400Z snowmobile or, even better, a Nissan Skyline snowmobile?



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