This guy modified his drill with a nitro V8 engine

It's both ridiculous and awesome and a lot of work went into creating it.

by | Published on 30th May 2023

If you’re wondering how someone comes up with the idea to create a nitro V8 engine drill, you’re not alone.

But that’s exactly what this guy has done.

It’s both ridiculous and awesome and a lot of work went into creating it.

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The incredible nitro V8 engine drill was thought up by YouTuber Tim Welds.

Although he’s a mechanical and welding engineer by trade, Tim’s Instagram bio says he “likes tools and makes things”.

Even Tim admits that it’s probably the most ridiculous thing he’s ever built.

The V8-powered drill doesn’t have a V8 engine that you’d find in a car, though.

It’s actually a model V8 engine with overhead camshafts, a whole valve train, and two carburetors sitting on top.

It comes with all the bells and whistles too, like a radiator and modules to run the glow plugs that actually fire the nitromethane.

Tim said it took quite a bit to get the nitro V8 engine drill running, but once he finally got it working, he said it was wild.

He wasn’t the only one amazed by the bizarre creation either.

People have literally run to the comments section to give their verdict on his creation.

“This is the most impractical, ridiculous tool I’ve seen yet… where can I get one?,” one user commented.

Another commented, “It’s absolutely absurd. I want one”.

“The only thing that would make that more American is if there was a beer koozie on the side. Hell yeah brother!”, said another.

But while many were quick to praise the backyard designer’s efforts, some were more critical.

“I hope the drill doesn’t hang up. It’s going to twist his hand smooth off,” one user commented.

“Nice, I always wanted a handheld bomb drill,” another user commented 

You can’t please everyone, Tim.



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