This guy just built a bicycle with triangle wheels… and it really works

Published on May 29, 2023 at 3:27 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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This guy just built a bicycle with triangle wheels… and it really works

This guy has reinvented the wheel, giving it three spokes. 

YouTuber The Q is known for his crazy inventions, and this one is no different. 

The video was posted just 10 days ago and has already amassed more than a million views.

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In the video, The Q details the entire process from stenciling his design, all the way through to testing it. 

First up, The Q overlaps three circular wheels to create the triangular shape he wants. 

The shape he goes for is actually the ‘shape of constant width’.

From here, The Q cuts the shape out of wood and glues the pieces together to create a wheel. 

Then he drills a hole in the center for the hub. 

The Q custom makes just about everything too, even creating new hubs for his wheels. 

So, he pulls a hub out of an old wheel and retrofits it for his new design. 

Once he perfects the shape of the wheels, he staples rubber tread to the outside.

The next step was to make a track of rollers. 

This turned out to be an extremely important part of the suspension system. 

The Q uses this track of rollers to prevent him from bouncing up and down with each turn of the wheel. 

We’ll see this in action when The Q takes the bike for its first test run.

But first, The Q needs to create the frame. 

So, he takes a frame from an old bike and adds a seat and all the gears. 

With some bright red spray paint, the bike is finally done and ready for final testing.

So, the Q takes his triangle-wheeled bike to the park and jumps on. 

The bike is a resounding success, and even though it looks a bit wonky, The Q’s drive system allows for a super smooth ride. 

Watch it here:

People were unsurprisingly super impressed by the invention. 

“I had questions about how that would provide a smooth ride right until the end. Bravo,” one man said. 

“How the bearings worked really surprised me,” another said. 

Another commenter was a bit more bemused by the triangle-wheeled bike.

“We spent so long asking if it could be done, we never stopped to ask ourselves if it should be done,” they said.

The Q has previously made a bicycle with square wheels and it’s just as wild – check it out here.

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