No one knows what happened to Boeing 727 stolen at an airport in 2003

Where on earth did it go?
  • Two men stole a Boeing 727 from an airport in Angola in 2003
  • The plane headed northwest over the Atlantic Ocean and has never been found since
  • The FBI and CIA also started an investigation regarding the disappearance, but they never found it

Published on Mar 27, 2024 at 7:52PM (UTC+4)

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Two men stole a Boeing 727 in 2003, and nobody knows what happened to it since.

The duo boarded the 727 on May 25, 2003, and flew over the Atlantic Ocean, heading southwest.

The trijet was parked on a stand at Aeroporto Quatro de Fevereiro in Luanda (LAD), Angola at the time of the theft.

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Planes randomly disappearing isn’t a regular occurrence these days, partially thanks to the advanced tracking tech installed inside modern jets.

They just don’t go missing that often, because flying is so safe nowadays.

Still, it’s big news when they do – MH370 is still under investigation to this day, of course.

However, back in 2003 aeroplanes didn’t use the same tracking technology.

The pair of thieves switched off the lights and the transponder shortly after taking off from the airport.

One of the thieves was a US citizen and a private pilot, while the other was from Angola.

Boeing’s planes are popular because they are reliable passenger planes, someone even converted their Boeing 727 into a home, which – you’d have to admit – proves their staying power.

On the evening of the theft, both men boarded the 727 and took off toward the Atlantic Ocean without clearance from the control room.

Nobody has ever reported seeing the plane since.

It’s a mysterious tale, right?

Maybe they converted the plane into a flying mansion?

There have been several theories and speculations in the past two decades regarding the Boeing 727 in question.

From the information that came to light following the theft, the plane was involved in many legal troubles.

At the time, the trijet’s owner was in the process of transferring the plane to another airline company.

There were already several ongoing disputes regarding the plane’s lease as well as other hang-ups.

Payments missed, cases filed, promises broken — you get the point.

Hence, some speculated that the duo stole the plane to avoid legal troubles and commit fraud.

This disappearance caught the eye of the FBI and CIA, too, as it seemed like a peculiar case.

Also, this incident happened only two years after 9/11, so everyone was on high alert back then.

Today, the plane’s whereabouts remain a mystery after more than 20 years.

The law enforcement agencies put the case away after a few years, but it was never closed.

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