Incredible footage captures submarine encounter with ancient deep-sea monster predating most dinosaurs

It was the first time a submarine had tagged a sea animal
  • Incredible footage shows a pre-historic creature on the ocean floor
  • The footage was captured by scientists onboard an OceanX submarine
  • The team of scientists were exploring the deepest depths of the ocean in search of the elusive species of shark in order to tag one

Published on May 2, 2024 at 4:59PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 7, 2024 at 6:45PM (UTC+4)

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Incredible footage captures submarine encounter with ancient deep-sea monster predating most dinosaurs

This incredible footage won’t do you any favors if you haver a fear of the ocean.

A submarine captured shocking footage of an encounter with an ancient deep-sea monster while it was exploring the ocean floor.

Not only did it leave the scientists onboard the vessel in awe, it also made history, as the pre-historic sea creature predates most dinosaurs.

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The video, captured with a GoPro, was posted on the OceanX YouTube channel four years ago.

It may only be 90 seconds long, but what was captured in the video is truly breathtaking – and equally frightening.

In other submarine-related news, China is developing high-speed submarines propelled by lasers, while the Bubble submarine takes cruise passengers to the sea floor in first class.

According to the video’s description, the company states that it partnered with the Cape Eleuthera Institute to become the first-ever submarine to tag an animal.

“Our objective was the deep-sea shark, the bluntnose sixgill,” it said.

“This ancient species predates most dinosaurs, and is a dominant predator of the deep-sea ecosystem.”

Dr. Dean Grubbs, from FSU Marine Labs, was the lead scientist on the mission – and he succeeded in achieving the goal.

In the past, scientists have only been able to put a satellite tag on the elusive species by bringing them up to the surface.

However, Dr. Grubbs and his team managed to do so on the sea floor, and the footage shows just how shocked they were.

“Oh, wow. Looks at the width of that thing,” one said when spotting the shark swimming around the submarine.

The scientists couldn’t actually believe how big the shark was, pointing out that she was larger than average.

Apparently, the species usually grows up to 20 feet in length but rarely has anyone got the chance to see one so up close and personal before.

And when they did get up close and personal, they attempted to get her in prime position to be tagged, although they were hesitant to tag her when she was belly-side.

They waited for her to get closer, which is when she pushed her nose up against the side of the submarine, glancing up at the scientists, before appearing to roll her eyes as she swam away.

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