This woman lives on a floating island in Canada that she hand-built with her late husband

The incredible DIY island has five greenhouses, a dancefloor, and a chicken coop.

Published on Oct 11, 2023 at 12:46PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 11, 2023 at 3:00PM (UTC+4)

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This is Catherine King and she lives on a floating island she hand-built with her husband.

The incredible island even has a name.

They call it Freedom Cove.

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Catherine King and her late husband Wayne Adams built the floating home 31 years ago and she hasn’t left it since.

Living off-grid on an island you built yourself comes with certain privileges, but some downsides too.

Freedom, as the name of the island suggests, is obviously a big ‘selling point’ here, but the upkeep is quite tricky.

King said she and her husband met in 1987 and right off the bat, their shared desire to live away from chaotic cities unified them.

When they met, King was working as a massage therapist in Toronto, her hometown, while Adams was a sculptor in Victoria.

It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that wasn’t where they wanted to be.

“In our first conversations, we talked about having the mutual dream of living out in nature,” King told Insider.

“We were unique kids. We were both small, we were both thin, and we got made fun of a lot and bullied a lot.

“So we found that nature was healing. We had that in common.”

After moving in together (in a condo), they immediately began searching for the perfect spot to build their dream island.

They found a small abandoned island off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia, and decided they wanted to build a floating home close to the shore.

They started building their home using discarded planks of wood they found after a storm.

Five years later the home was ready, and they began building more and more around it.

The island evolved to include a chicken coop, several greenhouses, a water-purification system and even a candle-making factory.

King says one of the hardest parts was keeping the hand-built island in good shape, which is tricky due to the frequent storms.

She says she’s actually had to rebuild the dance floor four times.

The 62-year-old is now living alone on the island after her husband Adams died last year.

She says she has no plans to leave anytime soon either.

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