Only 55 of these new $400k Mercedes will be made – and you can’t drive it on the road

It might just be Mercedes' most powerful sports car yet.

by | Published on 8th Apr 2022

Mercedes-AMG has released a brand new sports car – and it just might be the most powerful one yet.

It’s called the GT Track Series and with any beast of this nature, it’s endangered.

That’s because only 55 will be released into the wild, meaning only a lucky few will be able to get behind the wheel for the price of more than $400,000. And it’s not eligible for road use.

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Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series: What do I need to know?

Everything about this car has been designed and made with the idea of racing firmly in hand.

From the bonnet and the wings to the rear apron, they are all made from carbon fibre.

The dashboard is also made of carbon fibre and has an in-built Bosch DDU 11. This is used to keep track of racing data, for example lap times.

It’s got an aggressive looking grille which helps to maximise airflow and 18-inch wheels. All of these contribute to the car weighing just 1,400kg.

The bodywork is made primarily from high tensile steel. This has then been fixed to an aluminium frame with an extraction hatch on the roof for extra safety.

Inside, you’ll find a five-point safety harness, adjustable pedals and a customisable foam seat.

What’s more is that the steering wheel is no ordinary one. It’s been made in collaboration with simulation racing experts at Cube Controls.

There’s a Hewland HLS-6 speed racing gearbox in the car too which transfers power to the rear axle.

What about the technical stuff?

The GT Track Series has a 4.0-litre, V-8 biturbo engine. Custom motorsport injectors and a flat crankshaft help the car’s mill deliver 734 hp and 626 ft lbs of torque.

Its top speed currently remains unknown, but we would expect it to surpass the Black Series’ rather quick 325km/h top speed.

“I am looking forward to our customers setting new personal records with the GT Track Series at racetracks around the world,” Stefan Wendl, head of Mercedes-AMG customer racing, said.

The Mercedes should be just as adept at slowing down too, thanks to its steel brakes.

The setup has a brake beam for adjusting the balance. It also has carbon brake air ducts and stable brake air lines for optimal cooling. They really have put a lot of thought into this.

When will it arrive?

As part of the AMG’s GT Legacy, this monstrosity will be delivered to its lucky owners sometime in the second quarter of 2022.

As you would expect from a Mercedes-AMG, each GT Track Series will be hand-built in Germany.

Moreover, to help everyone who has one – and those who wish they could have one – remember that these are limited in number, Mercedes has you covered there.

There will be an embossed plaque inside each car, which will read what number of 55 it is.

The words “Track Series” will also be embroidered on the driver’s seat and the limited-edition car cover.

As most of you reading this probably won’t be one of the lucky fifty-five, we’ll just have to settle for being patient and waiting to see this beautiful beast hit the track sometime this year.



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