Old Apple iPhone from 2007 fetches $63,000 at auction

This first-generation iPhone has sold for more than 100 times its original price. There's one reason why yours probably won't sell for the same amount.

by | Published on 22nd Feb 2023

This original iPhone from 2007 has just fetched $63,000 at auction. 

The first-generation iPhone sold for more than 100 times its original cost of $599.

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The 8GB iPhone was expected to sell for $50,000, which is already a staggering sum before you add on the extra $13,000 someone dropped on it. 

Unfortunately, you probably can’t expect your old iPhone that’s sitting at the bottom of a drawer somewhere to fetch the same.


This one was unique, as its owner Karen Green never actually turned it on, or even unwrapped the packaging. 

LCG Auctions Mark Montero said the phone was a serious catch for loyal Apple enthusiasts.

“To discover an original, first-release model from 2007, still brand-new with its factory seal intact, is truly remarkable,” he told BBC News

“Only brand-new, unopened, and first-generation, [iPhones] in mint condition are valuable.”

Mr Montero said there was an insane amount of interest for the old iPhone when it was listed. 

The auction opened at $2,500 on February 2 but shot up to $63,356.40 when it closed on Sunday after 27 bids. 

What makes this story even crazier is that Ms Green never actually spent any money on the phone herself. 

It was a gift from friends who gave it to her when she landed a new job. 

Fortunately for her, she had just bought a new phone and didn’t need it. 

So, she kept it in the wrapping thinking it would never go out of date. 

But of course, it did go out of date, and that’s exactly why it came to be worth so much.

Funnily enough, when Ms Green got the iPhone valued just three years ago, a valuer said it was worth about $5,000. 

This was her face (above) when she heard that, so imagine the thrill she got when it fetched more than 12 times that. 



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