Owner spots car at McDonald’s minutes after dropping it at garage

Rique was left baffled when he spotted his Ford Fiesta parked up outside McDonald's ten minutes after he'd dropped it at the garage for a safety inspection.

by | Published on 20th Feb 2023

Picture this – you drop your car off for a safety inspection at the garage and, to pass some time, you walk to the nearest McDonald’s to grab some breakfast.

But when you arrive there, you see a mechanic, in your car, doing the same thing.

How would you react?

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This isn’t a made-up scenario – it actually happened to TikTok user @euqir78 (Rique) last week.

He captured it all on video and, as you can imagine, it sent the internet into overdrive.

Sitting in a McDonald’s booth, Rique managed to film the mechanic carrying multiple drinks and bags of food.


The man then made his way out of the building, got into Rique’s Ford Fiesta, and drove away.

There’s been mixed reaction to the video on social media, with some users saying they’d be raging if they were in Rique’s position.

But others actually showed support for the mechanic, saying they needed to drive the car to check it for faults.

When your car is having a safety inspection, mechanics need to check the brakes, suspension, fuel system, and vehicle’s emissions equipment.

They’re also required to ensure the speedo and clocks are both working, meaning the vehicle needs to be driven at least a short distance.

So while he did need to drive it, did he really need to buy food and take it into Rique’s car?

When he confronted the garage and asked if this was normal, they actually told him it was.

And while the internet might be up in arms over the ordeal, Rique remains cool about it, saying he doesn’t feel angry or upset.



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