This is the Paragon Soar, an eVTOL with eight massive fans propelling it forward

It uses both batteries and a fuel cell to extend its range.

by | Published on 9th Aug 2022


This eVTOL looks like a private jet, and unlike many other eVTOLs, it’ll actually be able to take you nearly as far as one.

The Paragon Soar packs eight massive fans along the side of the fuselage and each is powered by a 1000hp electric motor.

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The fans not only provide upward lift, but rotate to propel the Paragon Soar forward as well.

There are a number of smaller fans embedded in the wings as well.

But what really sets it apart is that batteries won’t be the only thing powering those fans.

Instead, it uses a hybrid powertrain with a hydrogen fuel cell.

This fuel cell acts as a generator to recharge the batteries on the move, giving it an extra three hours of flying time.


That means it can go up to 1287km (800mi) between charging and refuelling stops.

It will be a much more environmentally-friendly private jet.

Paragon Soar

The company has another idea up its sleeve for the Soar too – it hopes to use it as an air ambulance.

Not only will it be able to access difficult-to-reach places for medical emergencies and evacuations, but it will be able to reach super remote areas as well thanks to its range.

The eVTOL’s size allows it to carry everything required for treating patients.

A stretcher can be loaded in from the front of the craft, and there’s seated room for three medical staff.

The company is based in Brownsville, Texas, and hopes to have full-scale testing underway next year.

From there, the Paragon Soar should enter production in 2025 pending FAA approval.




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