Extreme parking fail: Driver wedges Honda Civic on top of Mercedes in a busy parking lot

'Someone tell them they still have to pay for parking'.

by | Published on 13th Oct 2022

A Honda Civic driver appears to have come up with an interesting solution to busy parking lots. 

In a now-viral photo, the Civic is seen wedged on top of a Mercedes in a shopping center carpark in Sydney, Australia.

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The alleged story behind the ‘parking fail’ photo is now coming to light via various videos on TikTok. 

A TikTok user by the name of KelzKitch is alleging the Honda Civic driver tried to cut her off before hitting the boom gate and rolling her car onto the Mercedes.


“So this lady who was driving this car cut me off, well tried to and didn’t succeed,” she said. 

“We were both heading out of the boom gates and she tries to cut me off again. 

“And look at what happened to her car. Full went straight through the boom gate and flew straight past me.” 

“She was fine, but leave the road rage to hot wheels,” she captioned the video.

Emergency services were called to the scene on Thursday morning, and the driver escaped without injury. 


The online response to the scene has been interesting, to say the least. 

Some have questioned how the car even ended up on top of the Mercedes, saying “ I honestly don’t understand the physics behind this”. 

Others have seen the lighter side of the situation. 

“That’s the best karma. You should have driven past and waved,” one said in response to the TikTok user’s story. 

“Someone tell them they still have to pay for parking,” another said.

Since that initial video, another has popped up online showing a different angle of the scene. 

In the video posted by Joanne Gadallah, you can hear a woman crying in the background while others try to make sense of what just happened. 

“Is someone in the car, is she ok? … stay away from the car,” the woman behind the camera says.  

Gadallah later explained the driver was “running around screaming and crying” while others tried to comfort her.

So, while she may not have paid for parking, it definitely wasn’t a cheap trip to the shops for the poor Civic driver.

Or the Mercedes driver, for that matter.

Let’s hope they both had insurance.



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