Hey, you can’t park there! VW owner impales car on parking lot pole

This bizarre parking fail has even left the police baffled.

by | Published on 24th Nov 2022

How on earth did a VW Passat wagon end up impaled on a pole in the Walmart parking lot?

That’s the question on everyone’s lips.

Officers responding to the crash were probably left scratching their heads at the parking fail, too.

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News of the parking fail in Leicester, Massachusetts came to light when the local police department posted a picture to their Facebook page.

The caption accompanying the post stated that Leicester Police Department’s overnight shift responded to a single motor vehicle crash in the Walmart parking lot.


It quipped, “And in case you were wondering… no this is not a legal parking spot.”

Quite how the car ended up in the most bizarre of positions remains a mystery.

One can only surmise the driver didn’t see the pole while navigating the parking lot at night.

The driver will be left to rue their error, as the damage the vehicle sustained looks to be costly.

The driver’s side is what appears to have take the brunt of damage, with the headlight and fog light both smashed.

There’s also visible damage to the bumper and hood of the vehicle, too.

The picture shows the yellow post on which the car sits atop to be resting on a slight angle.

It could be in this position as a result of the force of the VW hitting it, or it could’ve been like this before the crash.

That might explain how the car came to its final resting place, as the pole may have acted as a ramp pushing the car upwards.

Leicester Police Department aren’t the only ones to poke fun at the driver.

It’s worth taking a look at the Facebook post just for the comments.

One user quipped the driver probably “wanted to change the tires but didn’t have a jack at home”.

Another said “I wanna see the video cam footage so bad, so many questions”.



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