Patek Philippe, AP, Cartier and Hermès have all dropped crazy new watches

A diamond-decked Hermès, a super-rare Cartier, the new Nautilus and a diamond-studded Royal Oak.

by | Published on 20th Oct 2022

High-end watch brands have been particularly busy this week with new releases.

Hermès has a new diamond-decked watch, Cartier has revived one of its most obscure models, Patek Philippe has finally upgraded the Nautilus, and AP has released 10 (!) diamond-studded Royal Oak models.

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We should probably start with the Royal Oak because what AP has done is insane.

The watch manufacturer teamed up with Salanitro, a company that specializes in gemmology, and the results are incredible.


There are 10 new watches, fully set using 10 different gemstones, and each watch is offered in 37mm and 41mm sizes.

These timepieces are made using 18k white gold, and covered in various gems including tanzanites, amethysts, blue topaz and tsavorites.

Each 37mm watch comprises 790 stones, while the 41mm model features 861 stones.

So how much? The watches are listed as ‘price on application’ but it’s easy to predict a six-figure price tag for each.


After the AP, we obviously have to talk about the new Nautilus.

In a way, this is definitely a case of “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

This is because the new 5811 Nautilus is an evolution for the 5711 it replaces.

It doesn’t revolutionize anything, it just makes it better.

For example, the date window is now framed in white gold, and the watch is a bit thinner.

In addition to that, the bracelet has been redesigned to make it more comfortable and the watch is now powered by an upgraded movement.

It costs $63,500 but the resell price is guaranteed to go up almost instantly because demand will outpace supply.

It always does.


Next up, we’ve got the new diamond-decked Hermès Arceau.

Officially known as the ‘Arceau Le Temps Voyageur‘, it is a 38mm titanium watch, festooned with 78 white diamonds around the bezel.

More to the point, it has a beautiful mother-of-pearl dial.

It features a date window, a ring for different timezones, a smaller sub-dial for the hours and minutes and a miniaturized globe.

Hermès will reveal the price tag at a later date but it is likely to cost between $28,000 and $38,000.


Last but not least, we need to talk about this beautiful Cartier.

The French brand is reviving one of its lesser known and rarest designs: the so-called ‘Pebble’.

Cartier will make 150 individually numbered pieces made from 18k yellow gold.

Just like the Crash, the Pebble was designed by Cartier London in the 60s.

It consists of a tilted square dial encased in a 36mm round case.

The watch isn’t cheap, coming in at £40,000 ($44.7k), and it will be very hard to get.

Which makes it all the more desirable.



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