This life-size robot is being developed to take over all your household chores

The life-size robot will soon be 'as ubiquitous as cars'.

by | Published on 19th Sep 2023

Meet Phoenix, the robot being developed to take over all your household chores.

Built by Sanctuary AI, the human-sized robot is already so advanced it’s working in retail stores.

So far it only bags your items and cleans, but its developers have big ambitions for the little bot.

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Sanctuary AI founder Geordie Rose says the robot will be a staple in every US home in 10 years.

In fact, he says the robot will soon be “as ubiquitous as cars”.

Rose says Phoenix will be so advanced by then that it will be able to do any task you ask of it inside the home.

That’s hugely ambitious yes, but Rose says the robot is constantly learning new skills just like a human.

“General-purpose robots must be able to sense, understand, and act on the world the same way we do,” he told the Mail.

“This requires the creation of a type of artificial general intelligence – specifically human-like general intelligence.”

Because of the constantly evolving AI that powers the bot, Rose says his 10-year timeline is actually pretty practical.

“Every month, there are new developments in the AI world that can fundamentally change and advance the space,” he said.

Phoenix is electronically powered and stands five foot, seven inches tall.

Weighing roughly 155lb, he can carry loads up to 55lb too.

Rose says Phoenix will be a game-changer for a few reasons, one of which is his hands.

Phoenix was built to have extremely realistic human hands because according to Rose, more than 98 percent of jobs require them.

Not only do they look realistic, but they’ve been built with haptic sensors that feed information back to the robot.

While he’s extremely proud of the physical robot, Rose says the underlying software by Sanctuary AI is the real star of the show.

He says it’s the software that allows Phoenix to ‘think’ and constantly develop its skills.



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