Playstation Portal’s battery life has been revealed following price announcement

Gamers aren't too happy with this.

by | Published on 29th Aug 2023

Gamers are giving mixed reviews after learning the battery life of the PlayStation Portal.

The device hasn’t been launched yet but, of course, this hasn’t stopped the internet from hating on it already.

“The more I look into it, the worse it gets,” said technology-focused YouTuber MKBHD.

Portal is a handheld device that allows users to play PS5 games on the go, provided you only want to be on the go within range of your home WiFi.

The device has already been criticised for both its clunky design and the fact that it is not equipped with Bluetooth.

“Ngl this looks like a wrist killer,” said one Twitter user.

Another commenter stated that “No Bluetooth is a deal breaker,” slating the device as ‘anti-consumer’.

But reactions to PlayStation’s announcement of the Portal’s battery life have been mixed.

Sony has aimed to equip the device with the same battery life as their DualSense controllers, giving it around 7-9 hours of gameplay.

This puts it in good standing with competitors such as the Nintendo Switch, whose battery life ranges between 4.5 to 9 hours.

While 7-9 hours might sound like a decent gaming session to some, one Twitter user was displeased: “The battery life is no better than a Dual Sense. Just awful,” he complained.

Another PlayStation fan was a bit more positive about the device’s usage time.

“Maybe it’s just me, or I’m getting to that age, but the battery life is fine for me,” he said.

“I’m not sitting for 8 straight hours playing video games: I need to touch grass every now and then.”

The estimate of Portal’s battery life could vary depending on how the console is being used.

We will only know exactly how many hours we will be able to get out of this device once it’s launched in the upcoming months.

And if the battery life is lower than hoped, maybe we can look on the bright side and use the charge time to go outside and touch some grass.



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