Porsche is now selling the world’s most expensive sim racing wheel

You'll need incredibly deep pockets if you want it.

by | Published on 25th Aug 2023

Porsche is now selling a wildly expensive sim racing wheel.

Called the 911 GT3 Cup, it’s a limited edition and it doesn’t come cheap. 

In fact, this thing is about as far from cheap as you could imagine.

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Sim racing is a serious sport, and racers are always looking for ways to upscale their rigs. 

And this, Porsche says, is the best of the best. 

Limited to only 150 units, it’s been modified to hook up to almost any rig. 

It’s made with ultra-light carbon fiber and was only slightly modified for gaming purposes. 

In fact, it’s almost identical to a genuine Porsche 911 GT3 Cup steering wheel.

Sim racing, as you might have gathered, is not a cheap hobby. 

Hardware can set you back tens of thousands of dollars. 

So, at $10,475, the Porsche wheel isn’t the most expensive bit of hardware available.

But it is the most expensive wheel.

Before this, the $1,500 Fanatec BMW M4 GT3 wheel held that title. 

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When the $10,475 Porsche sim racing wheel first hit the scene, it received mixed reviews. 

“It looks cheap,” one Reddit user said. 

Others shared the same sentiment. 

“It looks like one of those kids’ toy steering wheels. I actually thought it was a knockoff, no name Chinese wheel when I first saw it.” 

“At first I thought it was an ugly project from the ‘90s, but then realized it’s real. Can someone call the design police?” 

“It definitely looks weird. The bottom is not needed to be so big and low.” 

That’s pretty brutal feedback for something that’s promoted (and priced) as the best of the best.



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