This Boeing 737 has been turned into an ultra-expensive private villa

It doesn't come cheap, costing $7,300 per night.

by | Published on 26th Dec 2022

This decomissioned Boeing 737 has been turned into a gorgeous private villa in Bali, Indonesia.

It costs an arm and a leg but it’s just so unique we can’t really hate it.

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The Boeing 737 used to be part of Mandala Airlines’ fleet, but Indonesian airline officially ceased operations in 2014.

A few years later, a wealthy Balinese resident bought the plane, restored it, and had it installed on a high cliff near Nyang Nyang beach in Bali.

The aircraft-turned-holiday rental is truly stunning, as is the location.


You approach the aircraft walking along a stone staircase, hidden behind a wooden gate.

Inside the aircraft, you’ll find a fully-equipped kitchen, two bathrooms and two bedrooms.

The cockpit of the Boeing jet was converted into a fancy bathroom inside the private villa.

The view from the bathtub is spectacular and the wooden furnishing adds a touch of warmth to the experience.

And as a cherry on top, one of the wings is now a patio jutting out into the sea.

The outdoor space surrounding the plane was used to create a beautiful garden.

There’s also another patio / hangout spot complete with a fire pit.

And last but not least, there’s an infinity pool that looks out towards the sea.

The ‘Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens Air’ – this is the official name of the rental – is listed on Booking.com for around $7,300.

It will be available from July 2023.

It’s a lot of cash for a holiday home.

Having said that, considering the location and attention to detail, it might just be worth it.



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