Project Omnia is a van converted into a motorhome like none you’ve ever seen before

  • Tim began working on Project Omnia in mid-2020
  • The vehicle used here is a Ram Promaster 2500
  • Tim made sure it’s not just a place to spend time but fun to live in

Published on May 26, 2024 at 11:07 AM (UTC+4)
by Daksh Chaudhary

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Project Omnia by Tim’s Awesome Projects is an example of how a motorhome is completely normal these days.

Living in converted motorhomes is not just affordable, but it’s the greatest adventure one can have.

But, having a perfect home on wheels is quite tricky.

You need to use the limited area and resources efficiently to get a perfect living space with all the amenities.

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Tim began working on Project Omnia in mid-2020 as a personal endeavor.

He also shared his journey to convert a simple vehicle into a portable home on his YouTube channel, Tim’s Awesome Projects.

The vehicle used here is a Ram Promaster 2500.

Now let’s get inside and see how Tim changed the entire interior to make a perfect living space.

Project Omnia has two slide-outs that make the living space bigger.

One slide-out has part of the bathroom, with a tub under the sink.

The other slide-out makes the bedroom larger and adds space for a dining area.

Tim made sure it’s not just a place to spend time but fun to live in.

He changed the rear doors to a manual canopy with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights.

Project Omnia made sure there’s ample room for all your stuff — spacious compartments are given under the bed, accessible from both inside and outside the van.

Also, there are large drawers, cabinets, and various storage solutions on the walls.

The van also has a kitchen for outdoor cooking.

From a 15,000 BTU AC unit to an air roof vent, an exhaust fan in the bathroom, and a shower that lets in natural light — this motorhome has its ways of keeping you comfortable.

Other facilities in the van include an Auxiliary Power Unit with a 3000W inverter and 600W of solar panels on the roof.

For safety, it has a 6-camera 4K surveillance system and a PCAN automation system.

The van also includes a 6-gallon water heater, a 45-gallon black water tank, and a 16-gallon fresh water tank.

Whether it’s Tim or the man who began living on a ship he bought on Craigslist, their unconventional ideas reshape our perspectives on living.

It would certainly be interesting to live in a motorhome and find out what’s it like.

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