Can you identify these Italian cars from the pictures?

From the wheel of Italy's most famous car to a pixellated version of the nation's hottest supercar, how good are you at identifying Italian cars from these pictures?

by | Published on 10th Mar 2023

So we know you’re pretty good at recognizing cars just by looking at pictures, and you know your Italian cars.

But can you identify Italy’s most iconic cars based on pictures?

From the wheel of Italy’s most famous car to a pixellated version of Italy’s hottest supercar, how much do you really know?

Time to put your knowledge to the test!


#1. Can you identify this car by the exhaust?

This, admittedly rather striking quad-tip exhaust, belongs to a Pagani Huayra.

#2. If you're seeing this, what car are you driving?

If that’s your view from the driver’s seat, then it means you’re sitting in an Alfa Romeo Giulia.

#3. Can you identify the car in this blurred pic?

Launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand, the F50 is one of Ferrari’s most recognisable icons.

#4. Can you identify this supercar? Hint: it recently appeared in one of our videos

This is the Pambufetti PJ-01.

If you got this answer right, you’re either a big fan of the brand or a big fan of SCB.

Either way, you deserve a medal.

#5. Which iconic city car does this wheel belong to?

This is a Fiat Panda, arguably one of the most iconic Italian cars ever created along with the 500.

#6. What type of Italian SUV is this?

This, err, piece of ‘modern art’ is a Lamborghini Urus.


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