Rainbow Sheikh shows off weird and wonderful car collection with oversized vehicles

We had the chance to see of the cars owned by Dubai's Rainbow Sheikh and we were blown away.

by | Published on 8th Aug 2023

All the insane cars you see here belong to Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan of Dubai, also known as the Rainbow Sheikh.

He owns over 3,000 cars, and if you’re wondering why they call him the ‘Rainbow Sheikh’, well that’s because he once bought a collection of Mercedes E-Class cars.

One for each color of the rainbow, as you do.

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Hummer H1 X3

Let’s start with the Hummer H1 X3.

They call it the ‘X3’ because it is three times larger, wider and taller than a normal H1.

It is 21-feet tall and each wheel costs $25,000 to make.

It has four engines, one for each wheel, and inside the (two-story) cabin you’ll find a bathroom with a sink (and a bidet!), a luxury lounge, and a penthouse suite.

Big-wheeled RAM 2500

Moving on we’ve got this RAM 2500.

It’s a normal 2500, except the wheels are the size of a New York condo and, believe it or not, this car is road legal.

The tires actually come from an oil rig, and they’re over 2.6 meters tall.

You need a ladder to get in and out and, as you can see, the whole thing is quite complicated.

Supercar Blondie’s Sergi Galiano can attest to that.

6×6 Nissan Patrol

Another car that blew our mind is this weird-looking, 6×6 Nissan Patrol.

It has six wheels, which is crazy enough, but the layout of the wheel is what makes it even more mental.

At the front, they fitted an extra section that could accommodate an extra set of wheels.

You can drive this as a 6×6 vehicle, or you use a complicated hydraulic suspension system to raise either set of wheels, and that way you can drive it as a ‘normal’ four-wheeled Patrol.

Amazingly, this car was once driven from Morocco to France.

Honorable mention(s)

The Sheikh also owns a museum where he keeps his cars.

We had the chance to visit the museum in Abu Dhabi and some of the cars we found there are absolutely bonkers.

You’ve got a a 1930s car on skis, a ‘Surfer’s Hummer’ with wooden doors, a RAM 2500 with two truck beds, the widest Hummer in the world, and the list goes on.



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