Rapper has color-matched his Cybertruck to his two Maybachs

What a flex
  • One Houston rapper has customized his Cybertruck with a two-tone wrap
  • His choice was inspired by his two Maybachs that currently sit in his garage
  • It’s surprisingly successful, although we’re not too sure about those wheels

Published on May 31, 2024 at 2:17PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 31, 2024 at 2:17PM (UTC+4)

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We haven’t seen a two-tone Cybertruck wrap job like this before.

And it probably won’t be the last, based on how cool it looks.

713 Motoring just completed the maroon and white makeover for rapper Trae tha Truth.

And he chose the color scheme to match his Maybachs, as one does.

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With its fridge-like stainless steel finish, aggressive styling and massive windscreen wiper, the Cybertruck has already got a strong look.

But that hasn’t stopped a few buyers from customizing theirs.

One man spent hours polishing his until it resembled a giant, moving mirror.

Another owner gave theirs a hologram wrap while one company created a ‘rusty’ wrap that looks surprisingly incredible.

The latest celebrity to join the likes of Kim Kardashian and Pharrell by purchasing a Cybertruck is Trae tha Truth.

The Houston-based rapper took his brand-new Cybertruck to 713 Motoring for a very specific wrap job.

He wanted his Tesla to match the other two cars in his garage: a Mercedes-Maybach GLS and an S-Class.

Trae opted for a two-tone look, with the top half white and the bottom half a luxurious shade of maroon.

This style is typically found on classic cars but actually works well when contrasted with the ultra-modern stylings of the Cybertruck.

He also swapped out the tires for 26-inch wheels from Forgiato with white, densely spoked covers.

We can only assume choosing this size will affect the quality of the drive, but something tells us Trae isn’t going to be using his Cybertruck to go off-road camping anyway.

713 Motoring has had multiple Cybertrucks looking for wrap jobs lately.

Another customer asked for an all-white wrap, which gave it that Storm Trooper look.

This customer also wanted to swap his tires, opting for a huge set of 30-inch wheels from Forgiato.

You can check out the work that Forgiato Wheels do here on Instagram – it’s pretty rad.

The custom shop shared its handiwork on Instagram, and the two-tone wrap seems to have swayed some Cybertruck haters.

“You make me want the truck now,” one commenter said.

“First customized one I’ve seen that actually kind of nailed it,” another said.

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