A group of engineers has designed a real transformer

Published on May 30, 2023 at 4:36 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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A group of engineers has designed a real transformer

This is a ‘homemade’ real transformer made by a group of engineers.

Dubbed Antimon, the creation is based on a BMW 3 Series and can transform into a 12-foot robot.


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Just like transformers from the movie, the car doors turn into robot arms and hands.

As for the robot’s feet, they are actually integrated into the rear section of the car.

The head of the robot emerges from the hood, and the hood itself – along with the rest of the front end – is the chest and torso of the robot.

Antimon is a faithful replica of transformers from the movie, and it even talks.

In the video, you can hear the robot say “I am Antimon, leader of the Letrons”.

The bad news is – and this is hardly a surprise – the 3 Series underneath is not a real a car.

The video was posted to Reddit by Sir00-00 less than 48 hours ago and it has already accrued thousands of impressions and hundreds of comments.

And the comment section, as you can imagine, is a treasure trove of irony and sarcasm.

Some users criticized the amount of time it took for the car to turn into a robot.

“Combat ready in under two hours,” one user said.

“Kids in 2095 are gonna be watching this and laughing like, ‘these mark 1 transformers were slow as hell,” another said.

But the oscar for the best comment goes to a Reddit user named Theleming.

“Since it’s a BMW, you’ll never know if they are throwing a right hook or a left one,” they said, subtly referencing the stereotype that BMW owners never use their blinkers.

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