These guys made transparent wheels for their Toyota Supra and they actually work

The transparent wheels only work for about five minutes before shattering. But still... that's quite the achievement, isn't it?

by | Published on 30th May 2023

The guys from the Superkot YouTube channel have just come up with a mad idea for their Toyota Supra.

We’ve talked about oversize wheels and triangle wheels, but we’d never heard of transparent wheels.

Until now, that is.

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The Superkot guys, whose sense of humor is clearly off the charts, came up with the idea simply because… well why not.

First, they tried fitting the Supra with buggy wheels and horse wheels, but neither really worked.

Then they tried wooden wheels, but one of the wheels snapped in half literally seconds after they started driving.

Transparent wheels, amazingly, actually work.

Sort of.

For this experiment, Superkot used layers of acrylic glass, the same sort of glass that’s used for the crystal of most inexpensive watches.

The glass isn’t even that thick.

Based on what we can see from the video, we reckon the wheel is probably just a couple of inches thick – roughly around five centimeters.

Once the wheels were fitted, the car worked normally and the wheels lasted for about five minutes before breaking into pieces.

People in the comments provided some constructive feedback too.

“Maybe try polycarbonate instead of acrylic,” one user suggested.

“Acrylic is cheaper, but it cracks. Polycarb is more flexible and will deform instead of shattering, […] it is not cheap though,” this user added.

“A metal ring around the wheel would have probably helped,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, other users aren’t too optimistic about the experiment.

“If you want to drive a car with glass wheels, you have to make roads of rubber,” a third commenter said.

The crazy part is they didn’t use a random beat-up car for this experiment, they used a classic Toyota Supra in mint condition.

The same sort of car that Paul Walker used to drive in Fast and Furious movies.

Let’s just hope the car didn’t get damaged during the experiment.



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