You can buy a couple of Bugattis for the same price as this Patek Philippe

Imagine spending $1.2 million on a watch and then quintupling your investment a few years later - that's what happened with this record-breaking Patek Philippe.

by | Published on 29th Mar 2023

This Patek Philippe Grand Complication Sky Moon Tourbillon just set the world record for the most expensive watch sold online.

In fact, you can buy a couple of Bugattis for the same price as this Patek.

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The watch has two faces and each dial serves a purpose.

The front dial indicates the hours and minutes of standard time, and it is used to display a perpetual calendar, which will be accurate for the next 100 years.

It even takes leap years into account.

In addition to that, you’ve got days of the week at the 9 o’clock, a leap year indicator at the 12, and a moon phase at the 6 o’clock.

The second dial, located where the case back would normally be, displays a star chart of the northern sky and an additional indicator showing the rising and setting orbit of the moon.

It also displays something called sidereal time, which is a timekeeping system used to locate celestian objects.

The seller bought it new in 2015 for around $1.2 million.

It’s an exorbitant amount of money for a watch but, even so, it turned out to be a great investment.

The Christie’s online auction kicked off with a $3.5 million bid, and the price quickly shot up to $5 million.

The final bid was $5,790,153 when the gavel fell.

That’s more than any Ferrari, any Lamborghini, and even most Bugattis since a brand-new Bugatti Chiron costs around $3 million.



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