Red Bull turns Ford van into a 2,000 horsepower drag race monster

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by | Published on 12th Sep 2023

Red Bull built an electric van that’s faster than nearly anything else on the road.

They put it up against a Red Bull rally car, a motorcycle, and a Formula One car.

And the result was shocking.

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The Red Bull van, also known as the Red Bull Supervan, puts out 1,500 kW.

That’s equivalent to 2,050 horsepower.

In order to prove the Supervan is faster than a supercar, Red Bull arranged a drag race with three other vehicles.

The rally car was the quickest vehicle off the line, slightly faster than the motorcycle and, amazingly, even faster than the F1 car.

A few seconds into the race, the motorcycle is still ahead but as, they pick up speed, both the Supervan and the F1 car catch up, overtaking the rally car with ease.

It’s neck and neck until the last few hundred yards, at which point even the Formula One car can no longer keep up with the Red Bull Supervan.

Red Bull shared the clip to Instagram and people had mixed reactions.

“Supervan GP coming soon, but that thing is crazy fast,” one user said.

“Electric van winning against a F1 car, what a time to be alive,” another user said.

Not everyone’s happy, though.

Specifically, a lot of people aren’t particularly excited because it’s electric.

“I’d like to see it corner? Loads of vehicles can beat an F1 in a short spin in a straight line but none of those vehicles will beat it around a track,” a user said.

“Lost interested when I heard [it’s electric],” another user commented.

“I mean sure the van is fast but Formula One cars are not based on top speed,” a third user said.



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