Rick Ross makes ‘diabolical genius’ 50 Cent wild million-dollar offer

Just a new chapter to a saga that doesn't feel like it's over.
  • Rick Ross, real name William Leonard Roberts II, has an ongoing feud with 50 Cent
  • The Breakfast Club’s host Charlamagne Tha God reignited the feud by calling 50 Cent a ‘diabolical genius’
  • Rick Ross offered to buy 50 Cent’s former rap group G-Unit’s catalogue for a a seven-figure amount

Published on Dec 13, 2023 at 8:57PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 19, 2023 at 2:28PM (UTC+4)

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In the latest feud, Rick Ross and 50 Cent have been going back and forth, and this Breakfast Club’s host Charlamagne Tha God also got involved.

Addressing the ongoing feud, Charlamagne called 50 Cent a ‘diabolical genius’ and Rick Ross didn’t really like that.

Rick Ross uploaded several Instagram stories addressing Charlamagne’s comment.

Check out Rick Ross’s comments in the clip down below!

“‘A diabolical genius’ doesn’t file for bankruptcy,” Rick Ross said with reference to 50 Cent’s financial issues.

And then Rick Ross doubled down, offering to buy G-Unit’s catalogue for $2 million.

Founded by 50 Cent and his former rap associates Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, G-Unit hasn’t really been active in nearly 10 years.

Rick Ross says he wants to buy Tony Yayo’s, Lloyd Banks’, Young Buck’s (another former member) catalogues along with Beg For Mercy, the group’s first, and most successful, album.

No doubt this is just another chapter in a story that’s not ending here.

You never get bored with hip-hop ‘beefs’, do you?

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