Cybertruck killer! The Rivian R1S is faster than most supercars, and a lot more comfortable

Cybertruck killer: Plenty of power to play with, an amazing electric range and a lot of room in the cabin: the new Rivian R1S has got it all.

by | Published on 17th Feb 2023

This is the Rivian R1S, an electric SUV and potential Cybertruck killer.

Just like the Cybertruck, it’s made in the US by a publicly traded company that started out as an EV start-up.

But unlike the Tesla Cybertruck, you can actually go out there and buy it tomorrow.

The R1S is an SUV designed by Rivian, the same company that gave us the R1T pick-up truck.

Just like its pick-up truck brother, the R1S is fully electric and offers mind-blowing performance figures.


The quad-motor version delivers 835 hp and a whopping 908 lb-ft of torque, giving it a 0-60 time of just three seconds.

If you opt for the range-topping model, you get over 660 km (410 miles) of range.

Rivian R1S design

The Rivian SUV – just like the truck – has a unique design language.

At the front, you’ll find Rivian’s flagship vertical football stadium-shaped headlamps and the light bar that covers the entire width of the hood from bumper to bumper.

The charging port is a Lamborghini-style gullwing… port that opens upwards.

The shape is square and angular and, according to our very own Sergi, combines the merits of a Rolls-Royce, a Tesla and even a Range Rover.

At the back, you’ve got an equivalent light bar across the trunk lid.

Speaking of, the split-tailgate reveals a sizable trunk with an air compressor and phone chargers.

And of course you can always flatten the third row of seats and make the trunk bigger.

Remember we mentioned Rolls-Royce? Most Rolls come with an umbrella in the side door.

The Rivian R1S one-ups this by fitting a flashlight inside the door and it’s gold-plated, too.

Inside, you’ll find two massive screens.

You’ve got one that serves as an instrument cluster and one for the infotainment.

This being an EV and eco-friendly, it features vegan leather and upcycled wood.

It also has a hidden speakers / flashlight in the center console.

And, last but not least, you can open the car using a Rivian bracelet, a key card or an app.

Rivian R1S pricing and availability

Prices start at $78,000 for the dual-motor version, and $92,000 for the quad-motor model.

When it comes to spec and trim, Rivian kept it to a minimum so you can’t really go crazy with options either.

However, you do get a reasonable selection of wheels, paint options and interior trims.

You can check out the Rivian R1S configurator here.



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