The Rivian R1T comes with a secret built-in camper kitchen

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Rivian RT1 camp kitchen

The all-electric Rivian R1T pickup truck comes with an in-built camper kitchen. 

Hidden away inside the ‘gear tunnel’ between the cab and the bed, is a state-of-the-art kitchen equipped with everything you need to sleep under the stars for a couple of nights. 

The kitchen has a two-burner cooktop, a sink, faucet, dish rack, and of course, a bottle opener.

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The 60-inch long table folds out from the truck in just 30 seconds. 

From there, the kitchen’s sink is collapsible, meaning you can push it down to use as a sink or fold it back up if you need more cooktop space. 

Then a hidden hose connected to a four-gallon tank can be pulled out to serve as the tap. 


With light poles on either side of the cooktop, the whole kitchen can be illuminated. 

On the other side of the table is a set of drawers filled with a 30-piece Snow Peak kitchen set. 

The set has pots, pans, and even a coffee pot and coffee grinder. 

Oh, and of course a charcuterie board for all you cheese lovers. 

Stowing the table back inside the truck is super easy too. 

You just need to pull four paddle latches and the kitchen can be taken apart in under a minute. 

Then just fold the table back inside the gear tunnel and voilà. 

When the camp kitchen is tucked away, it’s compact enough that there’s room for more storage in the tunnel. 

If all that doesn’t convince you the Rivian R1T is the ultimate camping vehicle, it’s got a super advanced all-wheel-drive system too. 

The R1T has more than 800hp and can go 0-60mph in just 3 seconds. 

And for your camper on the back, the Rivian has a 5000kg (11,000lb) towing capacity. 


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