Two trucks try to force each other off the road in bizarre road rage incident

Footage of the bizarre road rage incident is going viral.

by | Published on 3rd Apr 2023

Two semi-truck drivers have been filmed attempting to force each other off the road. 

The footage, taken by a nearby driver, shows the two 18-wheelers swerving into each other while holding up a convoy of motorists on the highway behind them. 

Unsurprisingly, video of the bizarre road rage incident has gone viral.

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The video was filmed by a woman who was driving along the I-49 in Louisiana right behind the two trucks. 

“I witnessed the most crazy (and scary) thing on the interstate coming home today. I haven’t ever seen two big trucks fighting in the middle of the road,” Kristin Hill Wislon said. 

“Before I started videoing, one of the trucks hit the other’s trailer with his, nearly causing him to wreck. 

“I literally could not believe what I was witnessing.”

After the footage circulated, The Desoto Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed they were aware of the incident and one of the men had in fact been arrested. 

The Sheriff’s office said one of the drivers was charged with reckless operation with no accident and a felony of aggravated obstruction of a highway. 

The driver of the other truck is reportedly also in communication with the police. 

“Contact has also now been made with the driver of the other semi-truck from the video. At the time of this post, the driver is being cooperative with law enforcement, and headed back to our area to turn himself in,” police said.

They said the circumstances surrounding the bizarre road rage incident remain under investigation. 

The footage is only the second most bizarre situation caught on camera in the past week.

In dash cam footage taken last week, a tire can be seen flying off a Chevy Silverado and into an oncoming Kia Soul

The tire flies underneath the Kia and catapults the little car 10 feet into the air. 

The footage is shocking, but both drivers managed to come away uninjured. 



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