This guy builds the world’s most insane jet-powered go karts

Published on Jul 14, 2022 at 2:30 PM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

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This guy builds the world’s most insane jet-powered go karts

Meet Robert Maddox, also known as the Rocketman.

He builds the largest pulsejet engines in the world and some of the most insane go-karts ever created.

Robert Maddox on one of his pulsejet powered go karts
Image: Robert Maddox/YouTube

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Maddox builds the biggest pulsejet engines in the world with up to 1000 pounds of thrust.

Not only does he fit them to his go-karts, but he also fits them to cars, bicycles and even skateboards.

In fact, he helped build a jet-powered bike for an episode of the show Mythbusters.

He says he’s been fascinated with thrust-propelled machines since he was a kid.

Back then, he would build small wooden planes with rockets attached to them.

But when skydiving in his 20s, he developed a fascination with pulsejets.

He remembered reading about one in an encyclopedia, and decided to build one so he could travel further on his jumps.

And he had to make it himself, as the only pulsejet engines available were small ones for model aircraft.

The first ever engine he made and strapped to himself had 50 pounds of thrust.

What is a pulsejet engine?

Pulsejet engines produce thrust by combusting fuel in a big combustion chamber.

They can run with zero moving parts at all, and can operate in a vehicle or stationary.

The engines can run on a wide variety of fuels, but Robert Maddox runs his on gasoline.


Pulsejets aren’t very efficient, with most of that fuel simply being turned into noise.

In fact, Robert burst an eardrum once when he fired up an engine; he now always wears earplugs around them.

The engines glow red hot as they’re revved up, and the booming sound only adds to the experience.

If you want your own, Robert Maddox will actually build one for you.

Prices vary depending on the build, but his YouTube channel notes his pulsejet-powered bikes “have sold for over $25,000.”

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